Spicer Driveway

When it comes to paving residential driveways, a job well done is the only way Duininck operates. Several of our crews, including grading, paving, aggregate, and truck fleet teams, all combined their expertise to turn a customer’s bumpy gravel driveway in Spicer, MN, into the smooth ride they were hoping for. “Design was a bit of an issue because we were adding on to an existing driveway,” said Lucas, Business Development – Private. “On paper it might look great, but when you’re actually trying to do what you want, like back your boat into a shed, it might not work as well as you’d think. We can fix those issues before we even start.”

The Spicer home was a recent build and a contractor had done some initial work on the driveway, but the crew realized upon arrival that extra gravel from the Eagle Lake pit had to be brought in. “We got dispatch involved to find additional truck power to get the materials there faster,” Lucas shared. 200 tons of Class 5 aggregate base, 120 tons of Wearing Course asphalt hot mix, and topsoil were all used to complete the driveway.

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