EZ Street Asphalt

EZ STREET® Ambient™ Asphalt Technology is a ready-to-use, performance-proven asphalt that offers a cost-efficient and enduring solution for a range of applications, from highways to driveways to edge and surface repairs.

EZ Street Ambient is always workable and sets a new benchmark in asphalt technology with its exceptional features:

  • Works in Water: Uniquely formulated to be effective even in wet conditions.
  • Thermally Resilient: Maintains its integrity in varying temperatures.
  • Superior Bonding: Adheres flawlessly to asphalt, concrete, and even itself.
  • Instantly Ready for Traffic: Apply it and forget it. Traffic-ready immediately.
  • Stockpiling: Retains its efficacy for months without degradation.
  • Hassle-Free Application: No mixing, no tack required.
  • “Throw and Go” Approved: No complex preparations needed. Simply apply and move on.
  • Engineered Technology: Advanced formulation for maximum performance and durability.

Discover the perfect balance of endurance & convenience. This engineered asphalt is designed to provide long-lasting performance while offering the endurance of hot mix and the convenience of cold mix. No matter the application, EZ Street Asphalt is the reliable choice that exceeds expectations. Product applications include: 

  • Potholes
  • Utility Cuts
  • Overlays
  • Edge Repairs
  • Manhole, Valve or Drain Surrounds

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