Trevor Duininck


“I most enjoy seeing talented people grow and develop to contribute productively to the organization and the people around them. Work is a big part of who we are as individuals relative to the time we spend at it and the way it impacts each of us and our families. Finding growth and success in our work is extremely gratifying in an individual and team capacity.”

Trevor is committed to employee development and continuous improvement, along with the entire leadership team at Duininck. These values are ultimately customer-orientated to bring more value and stronger relationships to the table in all of their interactions. Growing up, team sports played a big role in Trevor’s life and has helped him develop a positive work ethic, providing lessons in teamwork, discipline, success, and failure.

Chris Duininck


“Working in the business since I was 15 years old has provided me with a lifetime of experiences that have helped me relate to my teammates and help each other improve in our areas of expertise.”

Placing a high value on all relationships, Chris is dedicated to doing whatever he can to make sure people are treated fairly and with respect. One of his favorite parts about his job is being able to see the Duininck team identify challenges and provide solutions for success, and he takes pride in the company’s ability to provide complete construction talent to customers who are seeking long-term solutions to their transportation system needs. Nothing gives him more pleasure than to see Duininck teammates improve in their abilities, providing creative solutions to common problems.

Judd Duininck

Division Manager – Golf

“We are truly a blessed organization, and I’m grateful for the opportunities we have to serve so many great people, each and every day. Our team takes pride in making projects run smooth and efficient, so our client can focus on their work while we keep watch over their golf course.”

As Division Manager for Golf, Judd’s favorite part of his job is working together with architects, superintendents, and owners that truly collaborate to make a great project team. He also appreciates the collaboration he’s experienced being a partner in the Duininck family business with the second and third generation owners, and feels it’s been a true testament of being a servant leader to those with whom we work.

Jason Duininck

Business Development

“I have always had an interest in helping people reach their potential and improving my community. Building relationships and sharing ideas helps move a project forward, and being part of the bigger picture at the federal, state, or local level is meaningful to me.”

In his role at Duininck, Jason enjoys connecting with customers and building relationships based on trust. He serves as the conduit between the office, field, and the customer and feels it’s important to lead by example and demonstrate that Duininck can perform on time, within budget and produce quality work. He strives to find common ground to make every situation a win/win.

Dave Brouwer

Vice President of Operations

“Between what our teams are building and the products we’re selling, we strive to give our customers quality work they can depend on for years to come. It’s not only about the products we sell at our pits, or the driveways or large road projects we pave, but it’s helping them in a courteous, respectful way.”

As Vice President of Operations, Dave works hard to be prepared to ensure everything runs smoothly and to provide his team members with quality jobs for them to perform each day. He finds that when he’s able to help people with their adversities, being patient and truly listening before talking, he’s able to come up with clear solutions for his team. Dave is well connected with the employees and has earned a high degree of respect due to his relentless work ethic and care for his fellow workers.

Brad Erickson

HR Director

“In the time I’ve been with Duininck, I’ve found a very strong sense of shared values throughout the organization, from senior management to the front line crews, and though that doesn’t magically solve problems or remove challenges, it certainly makes it a lot easier to come to work each day knowing that you are part of a team that is doing its very best to serve its customers.”

Building, maintaining, and developing an effective team is the best way to ensure Duininck continues to meet and exceed customer expectations, and Brad and his HR team play a vital role in this. Brad enjoys implementing and modifying HR systems and processes to enhance organizational performance while fostering employee engagement. He has experience in a wide variety of different industries and company cultures, from start-ups to international companies, bringing valuable insight to the Duininck team.

Chris Block

Aggregate Sales and Marketing Manager

“It’s always my goal to develop relationships that last for generations. We have the ability to provide our customers turn-key projects, from development to final product, at a fair price and on time. I am very fortunate to have great people working with me with years of experience and commitment to our core values/mission statement.”

Chris has been with Duininck for over 30 years, starting as a dump man for a paving crew and advancing his career through various roles such as a paver and grading foreman. He reached his current position as Aggregate Sales and Marketing Manager in 2020 and is thankful for all the opportunities Duininck has provided him. The things that are most important to Chris are simple: faith, family, friends, and fostering employee growth and long-lasting relationships.

Larry Groen


“We have a great finance team here at Duininck made up of people who respect one another and reflect the values of the Duininck family. I consider it a privilege to work for an organization that cares about its employees, its customers, and the communities in which it works. Whether through its construction projects, volunteer efforts, or financial support, Duininck truly seeks to build strong communities.”

Other than the people he works with, Larry’s favorite part of his job is solving problems and crunching the numbers. Whether it’s setting up departmental budgets, analyzing cost trends, or creating contract schedules and monthly financial reports, he enjoys working with others in the organization to continue to build on the strong traditions of the company.   

Kristopher Duininck

Vice President of Contracting

“As part of the Duininck Team, I enjoy working with a dynamic group of people who believe in delivering quality products with outstanding workmanship. I like connecting with colleagues and customers to develop long-lasting relationships built on trust and dedication.”

Kristopher has worked for Duininck in varying capacities for over 20 years. He believes it’s important to stay current in the latest technologies and innovations, both in the office and in the field.