School Renovations

Duininck Teams Take on Large-Scale Addition & Renovation Project

In 2021, Duininck broke ground on the MACCRAY Public School renovation project. The project, located in Clara City, MN, included construction of the addition of an elementary school building to the current high school. It was the perfect opportunity for Duininck to continue its mission of Building Strong Communities. In order to complete the project, Duininck leveraged the company’s expertise from bidding all the way through construction. 

The engineering team performed a geotechnical analysis during the bidding process and Jason Ver Steeg, Director of Engineering commented, “It was our department’s determination that soil corrections would be needed on this project.”  When those soil corrections were being executed by the grading team, Grading Crew Lead, Jarad Travis says, “we take pride in what we do in making a great product for our customers.” 

The project also required an install of a new sanitary lift station. The lift station was a 6 ft. wide and roughly 26 ft. deep prefabricated fiberglass structure. “We had to come up with a solid plan of how to install the lift station and then execute it safely,” says Jeremy Sietsema, Underground Crew Lead. In early July, the underground team successfully installed the lift station at the school.

With school beginning on August 17th, 2021, this project had a firm deadline for the first phase of the project, which included paving the parking lot. The paving team met that deadline and completed paving early August. 

The success of a smooth project like this one is dependent on Team Duininck’s expertise, communication, and relationship building. Duininck is proud to have teams that live out the core values and come together to complete a project on schedule for our customers. 

In 2022 the team completed their scope of work on the school project. District Superintendent, Sherri Broderius, says, “It was easy working with Duininck because safety and quality are always important to them.”



Project Videos

Breaking Ground

This large-scale project involved multiple crews and companies working together. Learn more about Duininck’s scope of work on the project. 

Drop-offs Made Safer

Duininck worked with MACCRAY leadership to construct a parking lot with the goal to increase safety for hundreds of kids and facility members.

Final Project

After nearly 19 months, the project came to completion in 2022. Hear how Duininck was a driving force on the project. 

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