North Creek Drive in Willmar, MN

Final asphalt parking lot

The North Creek Drive Project included the reconstruction of a business development road and parking lot. Located in NE Willmar, North Creek Drive is off Business Highway 71 and across from Robbins Island Regional Park. The road services several local businesses and connects Willmar residents, business owners, and visitors to the highly trafficked Highway 71. 

The project scope included milling, excavation, gravel base grading, asphalt paving, and striping. Our skilled truck drivers hauled in new Class 5 materials to rebuild parts of the existing road and multiple parking lots within the business development. 

Willmar Area Manager, Mitch Oman, says, “Our team worked efficiently and completed the project in one week.”

Crews involved: Jim S (asphalt milling and cleaning), Al K (excavation and base grading), and Chad P (paving). 

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