Heron Lake-Okabena School Milling, Grading & Paving

Final parking lot at Herron school

The Heron Lake-Okabena (HLO) Public School project has made it easier for 139 students and teachers to get to school safely in Heron Lake, MN. 

“The project included many different capabilities we offer at Duininck. The scope of work included milling/excavation, placing gravel base, and asphalt paving,” says Kent Dahl, Marshall/Worthington Area Manager. 

The grading team began milling in early June. This portion of the work involved removing the previous parking lot base, hauling in new material, and placing a gravel base prior to the final asphalt paving. Once the grading was complete, the paving crew completed the project by paving 5 inches of asphalt. 

The new parking lot gives the school a fresh new look that students, faculty, and parents can feel proud of when they pull into the school.