Columbine Country Club Golf Course

The Columbine Country Club in Littleton, CO, built in the 1930s, was struggling to keep golfers engaged due to the outdated aesthetics of their golf course. Modernizing a golf course often requires relocating holes and rebuilding bunkers, things Duininck Golf is especially good at. In fact, 50% of the projects Duininck Golf does each year are renovations on this scale.

In the fall of 2019, the Duininck Golf team started this project by focusing on two holes which were moved to new locations with rebuilt greens and completely renovated bunkers. This spring, the Duininck team is finishing bunker renovations throughout the rest of the golf course.

Matt Dufresne, Duininck Golf Project Superintendent, says, “Bunker renovation is a specialty of ours. In this case, we went from big, simple rounds to more intricate, organic shapes with wavy details. They not only look more interesting but also play better. Due to the unique sandy soil at this location, Duininck Golf installed a drainage system utilizing basins and infiltration to keep water on-site versus removing it to a collection pond or outlet. 

Duininck Golf brings several unique advantages to their projects. Paul Deis, Duininck Project Manager, explains, “One reason we stand out is our management structure. Clients really like that we have a full-time Project Superintendent on-site to focus on daily details and a Project Manager like me checking in at regular intervals to stay on top of big picture things like budgets, timelines, and vendor relationships.” He adds, “Duininck Golf has the full scope of talent, manpower, and resources to complete the whole project.”

Paul shares, “This project came in on time and under budget, which makes it a big success to our clients. They’ve also gotten some really positive feedback from golfers, who are already playing the new holes”

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