Huron Bridge

The Duininck bridge team works in Huron, SD to complete a 329’+ bridge over the James River.

In 2019, the bridge crew was able to completely remove the old bridge structure, tear up the road, complete dirt work, pre-tie rebar, complete one abutment, and finish one pier. They were making good headway when heavy rain hit and delayed the project. “The river water came up 3’ in 6 hours, so the project got delayed,” explains Jaime Zamarron, crew lead on the Huron project. Zamarron has been with Duininck for 8 years and has worked on 14 bridges over his career.

After the delay, construction began again in February 2020. Due to the unique engineering of the bridge, the team was required to build their largest cofferdam to date.  This summer, the team successfully built a 60’ x 46’ cofferdam using 96 single sheets at 60’ long.

“What my team and I are the proudest of are cofferdams. We accomplished a cofferdam that we have never done before at this magnitude,” says Dave DelFosse, Bridge Operations Manager. 

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